If you live in the D.C. area or elsewhere in the Atlantic region and have been without power for a few days, you may have some TomKat-related news to catch up on in the wake of Friday’s bombshell about the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce.

View Photo Gallery: The Hollywood stars are calling it quits after a high-profile courtship and more than five years of marriage.

Here’s the latest information/speculation circulating on the Internet. Or, to put it another way: Previously on the TomKat Divorce Saga...

● Cruise’s attorney, Bert Fields, told the L.A. Times that he hopes the divorce won’t be contentious. “I know Tom is not a particularly contentious person,” he said. However, in a sign that it could be contentious, Katie Holmes, who is seeking sole custody of daughter Suri, has retained two attorneys: New Jersey divorce lawyer Jonathan Wolfe, who first confirmed news of the split in People magazine, and Allan E. Mayefsky, who has represented celebrities like Christie Brinkley in acrimonious divorces in which a lot of money was at stake.

● Apparently the “fairy tale” that was the Holmes/Cruise relationship was over a long time ago, according to an unnamed individual who got pretty yappy with E! Online. “They had become more like friends,” says the anonymous insider, who adds that Cruise knew this was coming. The big problem in the relationship wasn’t Scientology, but that TC’s career “came first.”

●Hey, since I just brought up Scientology ... TMZ claims that Katie Holmes is being followed, either by a publication (which TMZ didn't name) that has “put a tail on” the actress, or Scientology stalkers attempting to keep tabs on her every move. TMZ says it has “put in a call to Scientology” for clarification but has not heard back. Meanwhile, I am placing a call to L. Ron Hubbard’s ghost to ask a few questions, including: How does one put in a call to Scientology?

● In additional Scientology claims from the Harvey Levin-operated outlet, TMZ also says that — contrary to that yappy E! source — the extent of Suri Cruise’s involvement in Scientology was “the final straw” in the marriage. Holmes reportedly believed Cruise wanted to send their daughter to Sea Org, a fraternal arm of the Church portrayed in a less-than-positive light in that 2011 New Yorker story about director Paul Haggis’s break from the church. Holmes, according to TMZ, was not in favor of that.

● Last word (for now) on how Scientology figures into this whole thing: Rupert Murdoch tweet-suggested Sunday that there is something “evil” and “creepy” at work in this whole relationship because of the Church.

Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop. Something creepy, maybe even evil, about these people.

— Rupert Murdoch(@rupertmurdoch) July 1, 2012

Meanwhile, according to People, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise reportedly moved out of the New York apartment the family shared and have moved into a new Manhattan pad just for mommy and daughter. Cruise, meanwhile, is in Iceland at the moment, shooting “Oblivion.”

Cruise was spotted in Iceland and looked “miserable,” says the Daily Mail, which is basing this assessment on distant, blurry photos of Cruise in a helicopter.


●Several media outlets, including the Huffington Post, have noted that all three of Tom Cruise’s marriages ended when his respective wife had reached the age of 33. Is 33 a magic number that breaks the Cruise spell? Is this related to Scientology somehow? Or (most likely) is this just a weird coincidence?

●The trusty list generators at Buzzfeed came up with a list of “17 Things Just as Predictable as Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Divorcing.” Among them: “It will get hot this summer” (No. 5) and “Lindsay Lohan will go back to court” (No. 10). (Buzzfeed)

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