Edward and Bella: Remember them? (Andrew Cooper/Associated Press)

Surely you can spare 14 seconds for Bella and Edward, those nutty newlyweds from “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1,” can’t you? Even if you can spare more, 14 seconds is all you’re going to get from the teaser for the trailer for “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” a trailer that will make its debut in front of screenings of “The Hunger Games” this weekend.

I must tell you, this teaser has it all. And by “it all,” what I mean is the back of Kristen Stewart’s head, Stewart running really quickly through the woods and Robert Pattinson noting that Edward and Bella are both “the same temperature now.”

Do you get to see what vampire Bella actually looks like? Of course not! The movie doesn’t come out until November. There are still seven more months of teases left to go. In any event, feel free to watch the clip below. And try not to blink or you might miss the whole thing.