The first full trailer for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1” has been released. No, this is not another teaser where we mostly see the back of Kristen Stewart’s head as she walks down the aisle. (Although, for the record, we get that again here, too.)

This is two minutes and 30 seconds of the lovely pasty-whiteness of the Swan-Cullen wedding, hot and heavy honeymoon action between Bella and Edward (some of which we saw during the Comic-Con “Breaking Dawn” panel) and, yes, Bella’s freakishly expanding baby bump.

We even get a hint of the grotesque birth scene that we’ll get to see come Nov. 18, when the movie is released. And that’s really the big draw here for those who never pledged allegiance to Team Edward or Team Jacob.

See Robert Pattinson, back in all his pale-angsty-guy glory, below.