Rick Grimes, back for more “Walking Dead.” (Gene Page/AMC)

“The Walking Dead” returns from its brief, post-horrifying-discovery-of-Sophia hiatus with new episodes, beginning tonight at 9 Eastern Time on AMC.

As we lock ourselves in for the second half of “Walking Dead” season two, it only seemed fitting to host a very special online discussion — starting Monday at 1 p.m Eastern (10 a.m. Pacific) — with two people who know a little something about back-and-forth discussion of television shows: myself and Liz Kelly, otherwise known as the Artists Formerly Known as “Lost” Dueling Analyzers in this here blog.

Liz — who launched Celebritology in 2006 and, much to my sorrow, departed last year for Zap2It — will join me and, hopefully, all of you to attempt to make sense of Sunday’s episode. (I’ll also write a post-show recap that will be published in Celebritology before the discussion.)

Submit your zombie-related questions and comments for our live discussion, via the Cover It Live forum below.