Dear Comic-Con 2011: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With months of getting nothing but a vague teaser and promo posters, fans of “The Walking Dead” now have 41 / 2 minutes of new footage, unveiled Friday at the big San Diego Convention Center. And, boy, is this footage intense.

The new trailer picks up right where we left off in December: Zombies are still running wild in the Atlanta area, and now our non-dead band of misfits are trying to get out of the city. But things aren’t looking good. The group is splitting up and everyone is feeling pretty despondent. Heck, even Rick Grimes is losing hope. Of course, all of this is good news for us because it means more intense action, more drama and more zombies.

The second season premieres in October on AMC, and once again Celebritology will be here to provide you with weekly recaps.