A weekly analysis of (some of) the gory details in the latest episode of “The Walking Dead.”

Carol, Beth, Lori and Rick, coming to Hershel’s aid. (Gene Page/AMC)

Lori Grimes finally admitted that she won’t win any mother of the year awards.

Carol attempted to perform a fake C-section on a walker-corpse, which, for the record, is exactly how current students perfect their technique at Stanford University’s medical school.

And Hershel fought for his life, teaching us something important about the nature of the “Walking Dead” zombie infection in the process.

What was that “something important”? It’s mentioned below in this list of six things learned from this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” the second season-three installment dubbed “Sick.”

Please proceed with the knowledge that spoilers — as well as living prisoners who have no idea there’s been a zombie-pocalypse — lie ahead.

1. Hershel lives, free of zombie-fication.

About halfway through this episode, when Maggie made that tearful speech in which she told her dad it was okay for him to let go, it seemed like Hershel was a goner. But then he opened his eyes and took several breaths and even threw his arms around Lori without trying to eat her face off, which means he hasn’t been turned.

So, great news! If you get bitten by a zombie, all you have to do is sever the area where contact was made. And you’ll be totally fine.

Oh. Wait. That’s kind of terrible, especially since, as Maggie pointed out, “All we do is run.” Still: Good to know for future reference.

2. Carol is totally going to deliver Lori’s baby.

As noted above, she started to get her bearings by performing a fake C-section on a deceased zombie-lady because, hey, that’s how you learn. It seems inevitable that, regardless of Hershel’s return to consciousness, Carol will be the one responsible for the delivery of Grimes Child No. 2, which will only ratchet up the tension of the birth scene.

3. Someone was watching Carol.

While Carol was playing her own real-life zombie version of Operation, the camera cut to a shot of her from across the prison grounds, implying that she’s being watched. Was it the Governor, who is expected to enter into the narrative fairly soon into season three? Or another notable fellow survivor? I hope so. This story is in dire need of a new element.

4. Carl is back up to his “Where’s Carl?” tricks.

Carl helped save the day by finding the prison infirmary and bringing all kinds of medical supplies to Hershel’s bedside, prompting his mom to be all like, “You went alone? Are you insane?” and Carl to be all like, “No big deal. I killed two walkers.” And then Lori tried to say thanks, in her way, but then Carol got too ticked off to accept it because doesn’t she realize that his dad’s deputy sheriff’s hat is magic when it’s worn atop Carl Grimes’s head?

5. Rick Grimes is still kind of a psychological mess.

On one hand, he’s ruthless enough to kill some of those human prisoners they encountered at the jail, and even leave one of them outside to get torn apart by walkers. That’s the Shane side of him. On the other hand, he’s still decent enough to let a couple of them live. That’s the old-school Rick side of him. But, as evidenced by his conversation with Lori, he still can’t discuss his emotions as they pertain to his wife and family. Which seems like it could lead to a meltdown when that baby is born. (I actually felt sorry for Lori in this episode; she’s trying to connect with both Rick and Carl and neither of them will let her. Plus she’s pregnant and hormonal and stuck in a jail during a zombie-pocalypse and up to her elbows in a farmer’s blood. It’s a lot, you guys. This is why I’m forgiving her for her inattention to Carl’s whereabouts this week.)

6. The two prisoners who survived will join the group eventually.

Oscar and Axel seem like decent guys, especially Axel, who is basically Tim Blake Nelson’s character from “O Brother Where Art Thou?” Rick sequestered them in their private section of the prison, but I suspect that we’ll see them again and that they will become potential allies.

What are your thoughts on this episode of “The Walking Dead”? Were you, like me, a little bored by the proceedings? Or is there nothing you enjoy more than watching Carl Grimes tell his mother to get off his back even though, obviously, he really shouldn’t talk to her that way?

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