George Clooney and Colin Powell at the Bloomberg/Vanity Fair party. (Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg News)

This year’s White House correspondents’ dinner gave us George Clooney sans Stacy Keibler; Kim Kardashian sans Kanye West; seemingly half the casts from “Modern Family,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Glee” but only one dearly departed “Walking Dead” star; some Jimmy Kimmel jokes about the GSA, the Secret Service and the size of President Obama’s ears; a few pot shots at Mitt Romney; and more star power than this city will see until, well, next year’s White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner.

In short, it was a night to remember that most people will probably forget in a day or two, when the news cycle veers away from talk of how bummed out Lindsay Lohan appeared to be during the event, or how Diane Keaton looked dressed from head to toe in a white Ralph Lauren ensemble. (Answer re: Keaton: fabulous.)

But why even bother summarizing the night with mere prose when we can do it with photos courtesy of wire pics and candids snapped via Instagram? Here’s the story of the night, or at least some of that story, as told in images.


Hollywood and Capitol Hill shine at correspondents’ dinner

Clooney at White House correspondents’ dinner , commenting on Noah Wyle arrest

Video: Jimmy Kimmel’s speech

Charlize Theron, Rashida Jones and more stars spotted at the Friday night pre-parties

(Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Uggie: “Do I really have to go in? They won’t let me in the dining room, so I can’t even have a free meal. Fine. I’ll go. But I won’t do anything cute.”

(Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

Uggie: “Gave in, as usual, and decided to be crazy-cute. I’m such a pushover.”

(Kevin Wolf/Associated Press)

Zooey Deschanel: Also giving in, as usual, and deciding to be crazy-cute.

(Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian, turning the head of local radio reporter Jimmy Alexander .

(Jen Chaney/The Washington Post)

Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner, turning the heads of everyone at The Washington Post’s pre-dinner reception.

(Jen Chaney/The Washington Post)

Hey, did we mention Kim Kardashian came to the White House correspondents’ dinner this year?

(Jen Chaney/The Washington Post)

So did Lindsay Lohan, seen here in the Hilton hallway drinking, yes, a perfectly wholesome glass of water.

(Larry Downing/Reuters)

At the Fox table inside the dining room, Lohan seemed a bit overwhelmed at times by the chaos and requests for photos. She looked good, though.

(Larry Downing/Reuters)

Also looking good: Lohan’s attorney, Shawn Holley, who sat between her former client and Kardashian, presumably in case either one of them needed immediate legal advice.

(Jen Chaney/The Washington Post)

But enough about that. Let’s talk about Diane Keaton rocking her signature suit-and-hat look . . .

(Jen Chaney/The Washington Post)

Or what Kate Hudson and Colin Powell, who sat next to each other during the dinner, might have discussed . . .

(Marie Elizabeth Oliver/The Washington Post)

Or why, thanks to an Instagram photo snapped by a colleague, I appear to be making duck faces at Dakota Fanning.

(Jen Chaney/The Washington Post)

No. Stop. Let’s focus on Clooney, surrounded here by Holly Robinson Peete and a crowd of fans.

(Larry Downing/Reuters)

Clooney, amused by President Obama.

(Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

President Obama, also amused by President Obama.

(Haraz N. Ghanbari/Associated Press)

Obama and Jimmy Kimmel, engaging in the High-Five of Mutual Humor Admiration.

(Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

At Capitol File’s after-party:

Richard Kind: Can you believe this guy? He let Otis die on “Walking Dead.”

Jon Bernthal: And I’d do it again. Yeah, that’s right, even if it meant leaving you for the walkers, Mr. “Spin City.”

(Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg News)

I suddenly miss Clooney. So here he is making scary faces at Bloomberg Executive Editor Al Hunt at the Vanity Fair/Bloomberg party . . .

(Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News)

And here he is charming the ladies . . .

(Dimitrios Kambouris/VF12/WireImages)

And here he is with Kate Hudson and her Muse frontman fiance, Matthew Bellamy. Their surroundings say we’re at a swanky D.C. party. But their expressions clearly proclaim: “They will not control us. We will be victorious.”

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