Harry Potter and Don Draper: together at last. (Via YouTube)

Well, it’s now come to (sort of) life in the form of a preview for a British miniseries starring Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe.

"A Young Doctor’s Notebook” does not air until next month on the UK’s SkyArts network. (There’s no U.S. broadcast date as of yet.) But based on the minute-long teaser, we can assume it will involve plenty of situations in which Radcliffe acts like Dr. Carter during the first season of “E.R.” and Hamm, in the words of Vulture, sounds “like Don Draper doing a halfhearted imitation of Lane Pryce.”

Hey, there are many people — some of whom may or may not have written aforementioned works of fan fiction that involve horcruxes and a stellar Lucky Strike campaign — who really relish the notion of Hamm sounding at least vaguely British. To those individuals, I say: Cheers. It’s your lucky day.