Oprah Winfrey — or whoever manages her Twitter feed — recently tweeted a couple of photos from the set of “The Butler,” the decades-spanning White House drama based on stories written by The Washington Post’s Wil Haygood

While Buzzfeed has focused on the photograph that shows off the age makeup sported by co-stars Winfrey and Lenny Kravitz (who still looks “Are You Gonna Go My Way?”-hot even as an “old” man), what’s more fascinating is the Instagram shot of Jane Fonda and Alan Rickman dressed as Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Even with Winfrey and director Lee Daniels by their sides to shatter the illusion, the resemblance between them and the occupiers of the ‘80s-era White House is pretty striking.

Also, for the record, here’s the tweet of Kravitz and Winfrey, who plays Gloria Gaines in the movie, wife of butler, Cecil Gaines, portrayed by Forest Whitaker.

We hope tweeting a photo of Robin Williams as Dwight Eisenhower — or perhaps John Cusack as Richard Nixon — is next on Winfrey’s agenda.