Do I look like a resume and cover letter to you? (Aaron Vincent Elkaim/AP)

This is not an easy time to be looking for a job. As the Labor Department recently reported, the unemployment rate held steady last month at 8.2 percent, and new jobs are being generated at a slow pace. Which is why, now more than ever, job seekers need to start attaching photos of Nicolas Cage to any e-mails they send to prospective employers.

A young Canadian woman says she accidentally did exactly that when she hit send on an e-mail to York University to inquire about an administrative assistant position. After it was too late, she realized that instead of attaching her cover letter and resume, she actually attached a jpeg of Cage looking psychotic.

Uproxx posted the message with the accompanying photo, as first shared on the woman’s Tumblr. But before you click either of those links to see it, I must warn you: swallow any beverage you may currently be consuming. Because once you see the image of this e-mail, you will spew what’s left of your drink on whatever happens to be nearby: your computer, your lap and, potentially, your loved ones.

I first came across this nugget of joy on Facebook, where Post colleagues Bethonie Butler and Emi Kolawole shared it.That was three hours ago. I just stopped laughing at that image approximately seven minutes ago. No, wait, I’m looking at it again. Make that six minutes ago.

Like the fine blogger at Uproxx, I agree that the woman who made the error, identified as Vanessa Hojda, absolutely should be hired. This incident actually demonstrates that she possesses several qualities that are desireable in a potential employee. (Read: Vanessa Hojda speaks.)

1. She has a sense of humor. Anyone who would save that particular photo of Nicolas Cage clearly understands comedy. And who doesn’t want someone in the office who can make us laugh a little with some classic Nicolas Cage-related gags and GIFs?

2. She’s obviously Web savvy. She knows how to save as well as attach jpegs and other files. Granted, in this case, she chose the wrong one. But clearly, the skill set is there. Plus, she has her own Tumblr, which brings me to point three in this woman’s favor.

3. She’s a team player who owns up to her mistakes. Anyone who would share the details of this mishap in an online public forum clearly wants to brighten the lives of millions. She’s both a humble and generous sort, certainly generous enough to merit being hired as an administrative assistant for the summer. In fact, I think she’s destined for something even bigger.

4. This woman could start a revolution. As I noted earlier in this post, it’s a tough job market out there. So in a demonstration of solidarity with this briefly attachment-impaired individual, I suggest that tomorrow, every person in North America who sends a resume to a potential boss should attach that very same photo of Nicolas Cage instead. This could be the ultimate meme moment for these trying economic times.

In a way, it’s like saying to corporate America: you may not be allowing me to pursue my career of choice right now, but you shall never steal my capacity to appreciate Nicolas Cage’s wild eyes and flaring nostrils.

As empowering messages go, I much prefer that to YOLO. That acronym irritates me.

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