Tiffany Greene mistakenly announces Chris Brown as the viewers' choice award winner as BET host Terrence Jenkins looks on. (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

When it was Green’s turn to present, she looked a little unsettled as she tapped a tablet device and announced that Chris Brown was the winner. Green, who looked overcome with panic, quickly apologized, saying that Rihanna had actually won. Then BET personality Terrence Jenkins said the real winner was Drake, who walked to the stage and declared, “Well, this is awkward.” But it turns out he wasn’t the winner. He was simply accepting the award for Rihanna

So what happened? Green took to Twitter to blame BET. Before she went onstage, Green tweeted that the show was running long and her script had been cut short. After returning from the flub, she tweeted,“The tablet [expletive] said CHRIS BROWN....the TELEPROMPTER said Rihanna. What the [expletive]??????”

She then accused BET of planning the moment. Stephen G. Hill, a BET executive, took the fall for the mistake. “That BET Awards Viewer’s Choice (sic) mix-up was due to human error,” he tweeted. “And I was the human that made that error. I apologize to ALL affected.”

Check out the moment at around 1:06 below: