In what may be the smartest thing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has ever done, the organization, along with NBC, has tapped Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host this year’s Golden Globe Awards.

A winning Golden Globe ticket? (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

The selection of the “30 Rock” and “Parks and Recreation” stars as emcees of the ceremony — to be broadcast Jan. 13 on NBC — was announced earlier this evening in a move that clearly raises the awards show bar for Oscar host Seth MacFarlane and possibly anyone who plans to headline a trophy ceremony from now until forever.

Look, I don’t want to get ahead of myself since we all know that host appointments that sound really promising can often go terribly wrong. But Fey/Poehler, bringing the noise Lemon/Knope-style in front of a half-drunk Hollywood-glam crowd that this year will likely include a few hobbits, Joaquin Phoenix and the cast of “Downton Abbey”? It’s hard to see how this can fail. Plus they’re hilarious women. And I like it when funny ladies are given positions of authority.

What can we expect from the twosome that once reenacted the Sarah Palin/Katie Couric interview with astonishing accuracy? Certainly, we can expect some of this:

Possibly a little of this:

Maybe some of this, minus Lindsay Lohan. Then again, maybe with Lohan — the Fey/Poehler one-two punch is unpredictable!

Certainly quite a bit of this:

And if all goes well, at least one moment like this.

(Oh, and one more: as much of this as possible. What? You know Hamm’s going to be there.)

In conclusion, I am suddenly much more excited about this year’s Golden Globe Awards. And on that note: