Tina Fey is expecting her second child.

Tina Fey, preparing for baby No. 2. (Peter Kramer/AP)

Fey, 40, and her husband Jeff Richmond have a five-year-old daughter named Alice.

In a New Yorker essay published in February and excerpted from “Bossypants,” Fey explained how much she agonized over the decision to have another child.

“The ear-nose-and-throat doctor I see about some stress-induced canker sores offers, unsolicited, ‘You should have another one. I had my children at forty-one and forty-two. It’s fine,’” she writes. “Did she not hear the part about the stress-induced canker sores?”

Congratulations to Fey on the happy news that a new baby — and, presumably, more canker sores — are in her near future.