(© Toby Melville / Reuters/REUTERS)

Tom Cruise may be teetering on the precipice of what could be one of the mega-messiest celebrity divorces in the history of famous break-ups. But today happens to be his 50th birthday.

And on the actor’s 50th birthday, it is important that we all remember that Tom Cruise is still a man with movies to promote, movies that demonstrate he can still drive fast cars in­ an intense fashion ­(though not as intensely quickly as he runs) and beat the heck out of multiple individuals simultaneously. The online arrival of the trailer for his upcoming film, “Jack Reacher,” has accomplished all of those goals.

“I am not a hero,” he reminds us in the preview for the film, based on the series of crime thrillers by Lee Child. And by saying that, what’s he’s actully saying is: at age 50, I am totally still good at playing heroes.

Watch the trailer below, then feel free to continue sharing your comments about the Cruise/Holmes divorce below since — let’s be real — few of you can look at Cruise without thinking about that whole unfortunate situation.