Tom Felton. (Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

Tom Felton, best known for playing Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” series, is planning on becoming a rapper. Seriously. “I'm going to change my image — backward caps, the lot,” the actor told the Sun. (NME)

Halle Berry called 911 twice over the weekend after she spotted an intruder on her property. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the actress spotted someone peeking in her kitchen window. (TMZ)

Rebecca Black, “Friday” singer and haunter of dreams, will release her new single, “My Moment,”on YouTube and her Web site July 18. I’d say the odds of viral video lightning striking twice are slim to none. (Hollywood Reporter)

Sheryl Crow, lover of wild horses, has come under fire from animal rights groups for performing at a rodeo. The singer has donated all of the proceeds to a horse-related charity, but her critics are not satisfied. (Care2)

Singer Monica married Los Angeles Laker player Shannon Brown this Saturday. The couple wed for the first time last November. (People)

Find out which sparkle vampire got a really bad haircut, after the jump.

Robert Pattinson, “Twilight” actor, got a really bad haircut. (Daily Mail)

Coheed and Cambria bassist Michael Todd was reportedly arrested for trying to rob a Walgreens. (Vulture)

“Transformers” won the box office, while Tom Hanks’s “Larry Crowne” continued flounder. At least Hanks got to hang with the royal couple, right? (Washington Post)

Watch the full trailer for Steven Spielberg’s “The Adventures of Tintin”: