Tom Hanks rides a scooter as he arrives at the premiere of "Larry Crowne" in Hollywood. (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

And he’s made evidence of that over the past few weeks, as he’s globe-hopped and leapt from talk show sofa to talk show sofa to hawk his latest, “Larry Crowne,” a film he stars in opposite Julia Roberts and also directed.

The film might not be Hanks’s greatest — the Post’s Michael O’Sullivan gave it two stars. But the press tour? Epic. Here’s a timeline that hits the highlights.

June 21: Does weather while dancing on Univision

Although Hanks may possess a limited grasp of the Spanish language, he managed to forecast the weather report on Univision via the universal language: dance. Watch him show off his moves below (Caliente, Sr. Hanks), while simultaneously reaffirming where Atlanta is located:

June 23: Tells strangers to make a baby

During an interview with CNN, Hanks answered a question from a pair of married fans — via iPad, since he (and CNN) is so modern and mobile — who said they saw “That Thing You Do” on their first date. Naturally, Hanks suggested they conceive a child on the night they see inevitably see “Larry Crowne.”

“Make a baby! That’s the reason I did it!”

June 27: Starts a “Toy Story 4” rumor

During a previously recorded, just-released interview with the BBC, Hanks reveals there will be a fourth “Toy Story” film. “I think there will be, yeah,” he said. “I think they’re working on it now.” Reps for Pixar said they would not comment, suggesting they weren’t exactly prepared for Woody the cowboy to break this news, which spread across the Internet faster than Buzz Lightyear can rocket his way to infinity or beyond.Watch the interview here.

June 28: Hanks crashes David Letterman’s monologue

Prior to a sit-down with Letterman, Hanks busted in on the host’s monologue, insisted on trading blazers, then pulled a Pop-Tart out of the interior pocket. A funny gag coupled with a product placement for Kellog’s? That’s what we call genius, people.

June 29: Reveals that Kevin Bacon smells good

When Jon Stewart asked Tom Hanks to name the best-smelling actor, the answer came back: “Kevin Bacon.”

“He smells like a little mix of baby powder and Listerine.”

June 30: Rides a scooter to the “Larry Crowne” premiere

In honor of his scooter-riding character in “Larry Crowne,” Hanks rode one to the premiere of the film in Los Angeles. He even tweeted about the ride: “Red carpet adds to scooter mileage but you can't jump that press line!”

June 30: Describes royal dinner, then takes pretend scooter ride with Conan O’Brien

Did you know that Hanks dined with the Queen Mum? Well, he did and during an appearance on “Conan,” he explained all of the wonderful misunderstandings that occurred when he and wife Rita Wilson attempted to socialize with the Brits.

Then, after O’Brien shared the creepiest tumblr of all time (Tom Hanks Is a Lot of Animals), he and the redhead took a wild scooter to many locales projected on a green screen.

July 2: Crashes Julia Roberts’s “Letterman” interview

Not content to just crash a monologue, Hanks returned to “The Late Show” to bust in on his co-star’s somewhat awkward interview with Letterman and play a version of the newlywed game. Although Roberts may have thought that Abe Vigoda was Hanks’s favorite actor, he revealed it’s really ... Tom Hanks. Hey, we kinda like that guy, too.