Tom Hanks at the Hollywood premiere of ”Larry Crowne” in June. (MARIO ANZUONI/REUTERS)

But evidently the star and director of “Larry Crowne” is more than happy to compensate those who feel they were short-changed by his adult education rom-com.

As the Guardian notes, based on an item that first surfaced in the National Enquirer last week, Hanks reportedly refunded ticket money to two fans who saw “Crowne” and didn’t like it very much.

The Oscar winner was reportedly putting gas in his car in the Pacific Palisades section of L.A. when a couple nearby said hello and mentioned they had just seen his latest film. When Hanks asked how they liked it, the husband confessed that he didn’t think it was very good. His wife attempted to backpedal, diplomatically adding they were expecting a little more.

Hanks apologized and reportedly said, “How about letting me refund your ticket money?” At which point he reached into his wallet, pulled out $25 and handed it to them. So to recap: these two got to meet Tom Hanks, semi-insult him and then walk away from the experience $25 richer.

Hanks has not mentioned the incident on his Twitter feed. I reached out to his rep to get verification that the event occurred as previously described, but I have not heard back yet. Even though this was all first reported in a tabloid newspaper, though, it sounds plausible. After all, isn’t this the sort of upstanding behavior we’ve come to expect from the Jimmy Stewart of Modern Times?

Of course, there is a down side for Hanks. A whole bunch of people who didn’t care for “Larry Crowne” may suddenly be hitting him up for cash.