Amy Winehouse’s death at age 27 dealt a huge blow to her fans and the music community at large. With the release of one of her final recordings fast approaching — a duet with Tony Bennett — the pain from that loss is feeling new again.

In a new clip from their “Body and Soul” recording session, Winehouse seems vibrant as she talks about seeing Bennett, whom she calls “Tone,” with her father Mitchell.

In a recent interview with AARP, Bennett explained how he wanted to reach out to Winehouse with his own story of quitting drugs:

I wanted to tell Amy, I wanted to talk to her and her dad about what happened to me, and how I stopped and how it helped. Everybody loved her so much. Her fans really loved her. They were all rooting for her. And she was such a sweet child. And it was so tragic that she died so young.

While a toxicology report showed that Winehouse did not die with illegal drugs in her system, the crooner’s sad words still ring true.

Watch the clip, via VEVO, below.