Tony Bennett, performing in Las Vegas earlier this year. (Ethan Miller/GETTY IMAGES)

Tony Bennett said during an interview on Thursday’s “The Daily Show” that Amy Winehouse knew that she wasn’t going to live.

While promoting his “Duets II” — currently the No. 1 release on Billboard’s album chart and a CD that features Winehouse and Bennett singing “Body and Soul” together — Bennett told Jon Stewart that, in retrospect, he could sense that Winehouse, who died in July, was struggling with her health.

“I didn’t even know it when we were making the record,” Bennett said. “I’m now looking at the whole thing — she knew that she was in a lot of trouble, that she wasn’t going to live. . . . And it wasn’t drugs. It was alcohol toward the end, you know.”

Bennett did not elaborate on what signals Winehouse gave off to suggest that she knew she was in trouble. But he did speak of her talent in very flattering terms.

“It’s such a sad thing because she was really — since Elvis Presley and the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and the whole contemporary change that came in, she was the only singer that really sang what I call the right way,” he added. “She was a great jazz-pop singer.”

Watch the interview below.