Tony Romo and Candice Crawford, along with Crawford’s brother Chace, at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. (Larry Busacca/GETTY IMAGES FOR TIME WARNER)

Tony Romo and wife Candice Crawford are expecting their first child.

People magazine reports that the Dallas Cowboy, 31, and his wife of five months are having a baby, a fact that Romo shared today during a visit to a high school outside Dallas.

One student asked Romo whether he had children, to which he broke celebrity news by replying: “I’ve actually got one on the way. My wife’s pregnant.” (See video below, which features a subsequent unnecessary close-up of Crawford, who was in the audience, clutching her not-yet-pregnant-looking belly area).

This is good news for Romo and Crawford, the 24-year-old sports journalist, former Miss USA contestant and sister of “Gossip Girl” star Chace Crawford. But it may not be such great news for Jessica Simpson, ex-girlfriend of Romo and current focus of speculation regarding her own seemingly apparent but still unconfirmed pregnancy.

Any announcement Simpson now makes regarding her child-rearing future will seem like a copycat move, in addition to being a few weeks too late. Unless she announces that she isn’t pregnant. At an elementary school. In a state that isn’t Texas. Yeah, that might be the way to go if she wants to do something really different.