The Post’s Hank Stuever points out that some viewers abandoned the series, which initially received a lot of buzz thanks to co-creator David Simon’s impressive TV resume, before the payoff of last year’s finale episode, which he calls “one of the finest hours of TV last year”:

“Because everyone wants to talk about TV with the TV critic (especially at parties), I know from anecdotal evidence that lots of viewers, especially those from HBO’s most loyal demographics, aren’t watching ‘Treme,’” he writes. “They grimace and shrug apologetically when the title is spoken. (Some still call it Treem.)”

Stuever attributes the show’s failings to unrealistic expectations set up by Simon’s masterpiece “The Wire.” I’ll admit, that’s exactly what turned me off of the show: “Treme” simply didn’t compel me in the same way “The Wire” did.

Maybe after watching a trailer for “Treme’s” second season, posted below, you’ll give the show a first, second or third try. It airs Sundays at 10 p.m. Eastern on HBO.