Do you like characters sitting around talking about what they’re going to do? Is that your idea of an exciting show? Then have I got an episode of “True Blood” for you!

Here’s everything important that happened last night in Bon Temps:

- Eric got his memory back.

- Tommy died.

That’s it, that’s the list. Go on about your day, nothing to see here.

It’s like someone at HBO lost the checklist of things that go into an episode of “True Blood.” There was no moralizing speech about the power of love or friendship by Sookie. None of the main characters had to run for their lives or get mortally wounded only to make an amazing recovery.

There wasn’t even a tawdry sex scene! How can you have an episode of “True Blood” without a tawdry sex scene? For shame Alan Ball. For shame.

Even the episode title, “Burning Down the House,” didn’t happen this week – no houses were burned down. Instead it foreshadows what’s supposed to happen next week, though in the preview for next episode what should take about 5 minutes – vampires blow up the Ye Olde Witchery with a a rocket launcher – seems like it will take all night as the vampires spend more time talking about doing it than actually doing anything.

Seriously, Robin Williams on truth serum doesn’t talk as much as the characters on this show this season.

Other observations from episode 46:

-Sookie needs to burn that hoodie. She looks like a goth Care Bear. I expected her to shoot little rainbow hearts at Eric.

The scariest thing in this episode? Sookie’s hoodie. (HBO/HBO)

- Sook’s lightning trick returns Eric’s memory just as he’s about to kill Bill (though not with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.) Later, Sookie tells Eric she realized at that moment that she was still in love with Bill. So Bill should return to being sappy and uninteresting by next episode.

- With the death of the despicable Tommy (yay!) Sam and Alcide are on the warpath for Marcus. Sam seems a little quick to accept Alcide’s whole “I was just watching and I tried to stop it” reasoning, though I guess the fact that Alcide is a pretty noble guy and was trying to get Tommy to the hospital helps.

The V Team (HBO/HBO)

- The whole Jesus and Lafayette’s Bogus Journey thing continues to seek relevance, as Jesus uses his new power (even though Lafayette was the one who left Mexico with new powers) to fight through Marnie’s force field while wearing a paper mache lucha libre mask. Because he’s incredibly concerned about his best friend Marnie (even though he’s made no effort to contact her since he got back from Mexico.)