This fall, HBO presents the hilarious new comedy “Living With Eric!”

“Living With Eric!” is the story of a young Southern waitress named Sookie and her new roommate Eric, a 1,000 year old vampire – with amnesia!

Unable to resist helping the childlike yet extremely powerful undead being that’s been stalking her, Sookie takes him into her, er, his, home (since he actually owns it – but he doesn’t remember that). One important rule in their roommate agreement though – no biting.

You’ll smile as Sookie breaks his nose, tickles his feet and touches his heart. You’ll laugh as he overreacts to their wacky friend Pam, apologizes for feeding on Sookie and kills her fairy godmother. And how will long will they be able to hide their living arrangements from Bill, Sookie’s jealous ex-boyfriend (and Eric’s boss!)?

Catch all the comedy misadventures of this mismatched couple from opposite sides of the life cycle. Not since Ross and Rachel have we seen a romantic pairing with such “will they/won’t they” tension, only in this case it’s more like “will he drain her of all her blood or won’t he.” Hysterical!

That’s “Living With Eric!” on HBO, same time “True Blood” used to be.


- A human group (possibly affiliated with the Fellowship of the Sun) is putting up YouTube videos of vampire attacks, imploring viewers to “wake up America.” One of the video guys shows the address written on his arm, and HBO has built an actual site for it. I’m a complete sucker for that kind of thing. (Even though it’s clearly entrapment.)

- Bill starts a friends-with-benefits relationship with Portia Bellefleur, and the season’s greatest mystery is that she’s supposed to be Andy Bellefleur’s sister. I mean, have you seen the two of them? Heard them talk for more than 30 seconds?

- Marnie, when asked how it feels to be bitten by a vampire, replies ”It hurts.” Heh.

- Crystal and Jason have a sex scene so awful and uncomfortable it makes “Two Girls and Cup” look erotic.

- That lovable lycanthrope Alcide is back! (From Greece?) Sookie visits him and tries to pawn Eric off on him, only to find out he’s living with a clean-and-sober Debbie. Even Sookie realizes that it’s probably not good for a recovering vampire-blood addict to live with a vampire. Too bad though, as Alcide is one of the more likable, level-headed characters on the show.

- Jessica has a cursed baby doll, which she gives to Arlene’s devil baby, who of course loves it. And had we seen the cursed baby doll before? Is it related to the one from that episode of “X-Files” that Stephen King wrote? “I want to play....” Great, now I’ll never get to sleep.

- Who runs Fangtasia when both Eric and Pam aren’t there? Chow? I hope not Ginger.

- I bow to no one in my appreciation of Pam, but I’m not sure I followed her logic when she said, of Eric’s current condition “I’m sure he would use this as an excuse to get the AVL to sign off on assassinating Eric.” Wha...? “Hey Nan, Eric got attacked by some witches, so can I kill him?”