This might be the easiest episode ever to recap, because almost nothing happens. Mostly it’s just a tremendous amount of characters talking about stuff we already know. Really, all you needed to see was the last 5 minutes.


We learn that Maxine Fortenberry’s neighbor is actually a vampire!

Kidding, that’s not it.

The last we'll see of Jessica? (HBO/HBO)

The case for her being dead includes:

- Deborah Ann Woll is the lead in a new movie by the “Little Miss Sunshine” folks and might have had a scheduling conflict.

- It would set up Hoyt to kill Marnie/Antonia and nicely play off this episode’s discussion of whether the vampires were getting what they deserved or if violence just leads to violence.

- I complained about the show having too many characters and Alan Ball decided to punish me by almost killing the utterly despicable Tommy only to kill one of my favorite characters instead.

The case for her being alive includes:

- Jason, rushing to save her, was almost to the door when he was stopped by a guard. We hear a gunshot, but he could get to her in time to knock her back inside.

- Although the show plays very fast and loose with this, I believe Godric stated that younger vampires burn more slowly and older ones more quickly, like dried wood. Jessica should have more time than Godric, for instance.

- Who’s going to run if she’s dead?

So is she still undead or finally dead? Leave your thoughts in the comments.