This week in Bon Temps:

- Eric drinks Sookie’s blood to recover from the damage of the silver chains, then suggest that she drink his blood, so they can be “one.” Sookie, clearly wearing Bad Idea Shorts, agrees. They then start to take a shower together, only to share a blissful hallucination instead.

This whole scene felt lifted from unfilmed portions of when they go to Pleasure Town in “Anchorman.” I get that they were supposed to be in a drugged-out haze, but I kept expecting Eric to say things like “Look, the most glorious rainbow ever.

- Jessica lives! Jason manages to knock her back inside Bill’s mansion and close the door before she burns in the sun. She dreams about breaking up with Hoyt, who begs her to stay until she kills him so she can be with Jason. Once she wakes up, she decides to leave him for real, and rather than beg her to stay, he says every mean thing he can think of and uninvites her from his house. (The whole uninviting thing is underrated and it’s too bad it doesn’t work on normal people in real life.)

- Bill convinces Marnie to meet him to discuss a peaceful resolution. Marnie agrees to see him in the cemetery at midnight (as a 400-year-old witch, Marnie respects the classics, I guess.) Both sides bring backup, there’s shooting and staking and silvering, Bill saves Tara from Pam, and in the end Marnie has captured Bill, enslaved Eric and Sookie has been shot.

- Alcide, despite promising Debbie he wouldn’t see Sookie anymore, comes to her rescue after she’s been shot, and the episode ends with him carrying her out of the cemetary, while Debbie spies on him. So, for the second consecutive episode, we have a female character rescued from mortal harm by a male character in a way that’s going to cause relationship damage for one of them.

- Remember, like, two episodes ago, when the whole point of Lafayette going to Mexico was so the he and Jesus could protect themselves from Marnie and the vampires? Well now Lafayette is possessed by the ghost that’s haunting Baby Mikey, so I guess that little road trip was just a complete waste of time, unless this ties back into the main story somehow before the end of the season