A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

— At this year’s Teen Choice Awards, “Twilight” saga wins coveted “Ultimate Choice Award,” while Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, “Hunger Games”and “Pretty Little Liars” are also among the big winners. (Associated Press)

Katherine Jackson: safe and sound in Arizona. (John Gress/Reuters)

“It dismays me that such an alarmist ‘missing person’ report has caused unnecessary anxiety among Michael’s children who will understandably react to what they misunderstand, hear or are told,” he said. “No-one is being ‘blocked’ from speaking with Mother. She is merely an 82-year-old woman following doctor’s orders to rest-up and de-stress, away from phones and computers.” This incident comes a few days after Jermaine Jackson and several of his siblings sent a letter to the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate, accusing them of fraud. (CNN; CBS News; Jermaine Jackson)

— Fans around the country put aside anxiety to see “ The Dark Knight Rises ” over the weekend in the wake of the shootings in Aurora, Colo. “I’m not going to let some nut who shoots people dictate what I’m going to do,” Ron Bondy, a fan in North Dakota told the Associated Press. Warner Bros. is expected to issue its official box office figures for the movie Monday. The studio remained silent Sunday on the matter, as promised, although media outlets reported that the Batman movie had taken in $160 million. (AP)

Kile Glover, Usher’s stepson with ex-wife Tameka Foster Raymond, died on Saturday after he was taken off life support. The 11-year-old’s death came two weeks after he suffered severe head injuries during a boating accident on Lake Lanier in Georgia. (Associated Press; LA Times)

Fred Willard reportedly will not face jail time after his lewd conduct arrest last week. An L.A. prosecutor said the “Best in Show” star was arrested on a similar charge back in 1990 but, despite that, he is able to enroll in a “pre-filing diversion program” that, if completed, will allow him to avoid a criminal filing. (Reliable Source; L.A. Times)

— Via some Twitter sleuthing, MTV has deduced that Chris Brown and Rihanna may be spending time together in St. Tropez. Or, at the very least, may run into each other on vacation. (MTV)

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were spotted kissing at a party, and there are photos in which we can barely see them kissing that confirm it. (Us Weekly)

— A memorial service for Sage Stallone , eldest son of Sylvester Stallone, was held Saturday in L.A. The cause of Stallone’s death remains unknown. The body of the 36-year-old was found July 13 in his home. (People)