Chuck Lorre is rebooting “Two and a Half Men,” minus one of those men: Charlie Sheen. (Reuters)

The Hollywood Reporter published an item this afternoon that says executive producer and series co-creator Chuck Lorre is already moving forward with plans to reboot the ratings-friendly sitcom, with Jon Cryer taking on a “significant role” and a to-be-named new character joining the show.

The nature of that new character — New roommate? Cousin no one ever talked about before? — has not been revealed. The role reportedly also has not been cast. THR notes that a rep for Warner Bros., the studio that produces the show, has batted down rumors that Woody Harrelson, Bob Saget or Jeremy Piven could be the new man on “Men.” As for Sheen, his attempts to get back into the good graces of Lorre and other people involved with the show apparently have not been productive. (Said it before, will say it again: Go the “Pretty in Pink” route and cast Molly Ringwald or Andrew McCarthy or James Spader opposite Cryer. Or possibly all three.)

It’s unclear whether the show will return in the fall or during midseason. It is clear that this whole drama is To Be Continued.