Director Tyler Perry and actress Taraji P. Henson. (Mario Anzuoni/REUTERS)

The director calls the boy — one of eight alleged victims, according to authorities — his “hero,” commending his courage for speaking up at such a young age:

“I was enduring a lot of the same things that you’ve come forward and said happened to you, and it was awful. I felt so powerless. I knew what was happening to me, but unlike you, I couldn’t speak about it because no one saw me. I was invisible and my voice was inaudible.”

The “Madea” mastermind opened up on “Oprah” last year about the sexual and physical abuse he endured as a child, calling his childhood “a living hell.” The Sandusky scandal has prompted many other men and women to speak openly about being abused, as the Post’s Petula Dvorak reported.

Perry laments that the boy, known as “victim one,” will have to testify at the trial. Indeed, the child will most likely take the stand at a preliminary hearing in mid-December.

He urges the boy to not blame himself, saying, “the hardest part is over”:

“You may feel all alone when you’re on that witness stand, but just know that there are millions of young boys and grown men who are standing with you — including me. . . . You will get through this; you’ve already endured the worst part at age 11. Now fight on, my young friend, fight on! We are all with you.”

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