Uggie, "The Artist" dog, arrives at the first annual Golden Collar Awards. (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)

The talented Jack Russell Terrier, who starred alongside Jean Dujardin in “The Artist,” was honored with a crystal encrusted collar.

Uggie’s trainer, Omar Von Mueller, accepted the award on his behalf, saying (via the Associated Press) he’s a “great performer, but he’s also a family member.” The 10-year-old pooch has, sadly, been “suffering from a mystery shaking syndrome” and will retire after this awards season.

“Artist” co-stars James Cromwell, Missi Pyle and Beth Grant were also in attendance. “I’m delighted to be here because I owe my career to a pig,” Cromwell said, referring to the film “Babe.”

Martin Scorsese appeared at the show, organized by Dog News Daily, via video. In an open letter in the Los Angeles Times, the famed director had protested the award shows’ exclusion of Blackie, the Doberman from “Hugo,” and asked that he be added to the ballot. The Golden Collars agreed to after the dog received over 500 write-in nominations. But in a scandalous twist, The Wrap’s Steve Pond, who served as a judge, said he never received an updated ballot.

Charlize Theron, who was not present at the Golden Collars, was given the humanitarian award. Giggy from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and Hercules from “Pit Boss” tied for best dog in a reality TV series. French Bulldog Brigitte, who plays Stella on “Modern Family,” won for best dog on a scripted TV series.

See more photos from the event below.

Cast members from "The Artist" Missi Pyle, James Cromwell, Beth Grant and Uggie. (Gus Ruelas/Reuters)

Uggie, left, from the film "The Artist", and his brother Dash. (Matt Sayles/Associated Press)

Uggie (Matt Sayles/Associated Press)

Hercules from the television series "Pit Boss.” (Gus Ruelas/Reuters)

A Swarovski crystal encrusted Golden Collar is on display. (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)

Tillman the skateboarding dog arrives. (Matt Sayles/Associated Press)

Lisa Vanderpump, from Bravo TV's "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," and her dog Giggy. (Matt Sayles/Associated Press)

Jacqueline Emerson and her dog Ginger arrive. (Gus Ruelas/Reuters)