If you live in West Hollywood, this woman could be making your dinner come fall. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The concept: seven celebrities, working with restaurant company the Dolce Group, will team up over eight weeks to launch their own West Hollywood eatery. The seven celebs who will make that foodie dream come true: Heidi Montag, DJ Paul and Juicy “J” from Three Six Mafia, Danielle Staub of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Jake Pavelka from “The Bachelor,” singer Ashley Dupre and Vincent Pastore, a.k.a. the actor who played Big Pussy on “The Sopranos.” (Finally, Big Pussy can potentially serve fish on TV, instead of just looking like one in a Tony Soprano dream sequence.)

The 10 one-hour episodes are slated to air this fall. And just to reiterate what was said earlier: “Famous Food” is a working title. If you have other suggestions, feel free to share them by posting a comment.

Hey, I’ve got one. How about “Heidi Montag: Now With All-Natural Ingredients”?