A morning mix of entertainment headlines . . .

As this blogger has long suspected, Vice President Biden will appear on “Parks and Recreation.” Entertainment Weekly reports that Biden — the No. 1 guy on Leslie Knope’s celebrity sex list — will appear in the Nov. 15 episode of NBC’s bureaucratic comedy. The vice president’s scene was shot during “Parks and Rec’s” visit to the District this year. Apparently, the people from Pawnee, like Nate Silver, knew Obama/Biden would win all along. (Entertainment Weekly)

Chris Workman, mother of young “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter, is denying her daughter’s claims that she was physically and emotionally abused. Winter, who plays smartie Alex Dunphy on the ABC comedy, recently moved out of her mother’s home and obtained a restraining order, citing the aforementioned abuse in court document filed last month. She’s currently under the guardianship of her older sister. Workman, however, told People magazine that the abuse claims are untrue, noting that she has letters from a doctor and from Winter’s stylists stating that the 14-year-old has not been abused. (People)

Jermaine Jackson filed a petition this week to change his last name from Jackson to Jacksun. He says he’s seeking the slightly altered name for “artistic reasons.” Yes, as vowels go, a “u” clearly conveys more artistry than an “o.” (Associated Press)

Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant, her reps says, no matter what Star magazine might say. (Us Weekly)

Apparently, the publishing industry is interested in nothing but re-imagined “Twilight” fan fiction. In the wake of the mega success of “50 Shades of Grey,” writers Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings have scored a two-book deal with Simon & Schuster to publish “Beautiful Bastards,” a Bella/Edward-inspired work that contains elements of “The Office.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Mark Jan. 6 as the day that you can start quoting fresh, pithily self-involved statements from Dame Maggie Smith: That’s when PBS will begin airing Season 3 of “Downton Abbey.” (Vulture)

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