Victor Spinetti. (Hulton Archive/GETTY IMAGES)

The actor first appeared with the Fab Four as a distressed TV director in 1964’s “Hard Day’s Night,” and then starred in “Help!” and “Magical Mystery Tour.” Spinetti also helped John Lennon turn his book “In His Own Write” into a play, according to the BBC.

In the 2011 BBC documentary “Great Lives,” Sir Paul McCartney said Spinetti didn’t have to try to get into the Beatles’ inner circle. “It was the knack of not being bothered,” McCartney said of becoming close to the band. “Someone like Victor, they was just in anyway. You couldn’t get him out. [Laughter.]”

In addition to the Beatles pictures, Spinetti appeared in more than two dozen other films, including the Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton version of “The Taming of the Shrew.” He won a Tony in 1965 for his role in the musical “Oh! What A Lovely War.”