Victoria Jackson, taking it to the Occupy Wall Streeters. (Via YouTube)

Victoria Jackson — the high-talking former “Saturday Night Live” cast member who has became a self-apppinted spokeswoman for conservative Christian values — recently decided to visit the Occupy Wall Street protesters and teach them a little something about capitalism, Christianity and President Obama.

Armed with a video camera and some very strong opinions, Jackson headed to Manhattan and documented her conversation with Occupy Wall Streeters who didn’t always see eye-to-eye with her.

A key highlight: Her conversation with a University of Maryland graduate.

“So you’re not concerned that he’s a Marxist?” she asks the very calm and polite young man, referring to Obama and swinging the camera to capture herself asking this question. You know, because if she didn’t do that, we might not realize the glass-shattering voice we hear talking belongs to Victoria Jackson.

“You’re speaking to a Democratic Socialist yourself right now,” says the College Park alumnus. “So I don’t believe he’s a Marxist in the truest sense of Marxism and the manifesto.”

“Do you think he’s a socialist?” she asks.

“I think that he believes in social justice, financial justice — you know, Jesus stuff that the GOP isn’t understanding these days.”

“But Jesus said a man should work for a living and not get a handout,” Jackson responds.

“Jesus was about helping the poor, ma’am,” the protester says. “I think you’ve got a different version of the Bible than I do.”

The conversation — as well as more of this very professionally produced video — continues from there. Regardless of what side of these issues you fall on, the video will: (a) likely raise your blood pressure a little, and (b) make you long for the days when Jackson spent less time on politics and more time with Toonces the Cat.

(Via The Wrap)