Vaughn, aka Jim Rockford, at an NHL game last month. (Mark J. Terrill/AP)

That’s according to a Deadline report today that says Vaughn — soon-to-be-seen opposite Ben Stiller in “Neighborhood Watch” — is co-producing and will star in a movie version of “The Rockford Files,” the ’70s-era series about the former convict/private investigator/ladies’ man once played by the great James Garner.

Those who closely track developments in “The Rockford Files” realm — and their numbers are legion — will recall that not long ago, there was talk of reviving the detective show as a TV series on NBC. And they may further remember that one of the actors bandied about as a potential Jim Rockford Redux was a certain former “Lost” star.

(File photo via Get Lost podcast)

Yes, Josh Holloway was, at one point, floated as the new Rockford in the a possible Rockford series, a concept that was dropped and has, apparently, now morphed into a big screen adaptation. (Dermot Mulroney also played the role before that in a remake pilot that never made it to series.)

While Vaughn clearly has more established recognition as a movie star, do you think he’s right for the part? Should Holloway or Mulroney have been considered?

And most importantly: Do you agree that if the “Rockford Files” theme song is not used in the film version, this entire project will lose all credibility? Because that’s sort of how I’m feeling at the moment.