Viola Davis (Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images)

After Gyllenhaal’s daughter is punched by a teacher (seriously), the single mom recruits Davis, a mother and educator, to help take back the school. The idealistic women run into obstacles, including a sassy woman who wonders, “What qualifies you to run a school?” and a doubting union rep, played by Holly Hunter.

Will the women be able to overcome these challenges? Based solely on the fact that Kelly Clarkson’s inspirational anthem “Stronger” plays at the end of the trailer, I’m going to guess yes.

You may have noticed the “inspired by true events” message that flashed across the screen early in the trailer. As The New York Times reported, this doesn’t refer to a specific event, per se, but rather to the nationwide battles over “parent trigger laws.”

“Won’t Back Down” will be in theaters in September. Watch the trailer, via Yahoo Movies, below.