The zombies return for Season 2 of “The Walking Dead.” (AMC/TWD Productions)

Last season, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” arguably held the title for most frightening, goriest show on basic cable. Sure, “True Blood” can be semi-disturbing at times, but — to my knowledge — no one’s ever smeared cadaver guts all over themselves in an attempt to sneak their way through a posse of zombies.

But when Season 2 of “Dead” gets underway Oct. 16 on AMC, it could face some competition from “American Horror Story,” the new F/X series from “Glee’s” Ryan Murphy that reportedly boasts a pilot that is a flat-out, non-stop freak fest.

Teaser clips for the upcoming seasons of both shows have been released, so it only seemed fair to compare the two and ask the question: Does “The Walking Dead” Season 2 or “American Horror Story” Season 1, which debuts Oct. 5, look more likely to induce nightmares?

Here’s a teaser for “Walking Dead” featuring an unexpected, potentially nasty pop-in from a hungry zombie.

And here’s a promo for “American Horror Story” featuring a doll that creeps me out solely because, as Talky Tina from “The Twilight Zone” and that psychopathic clown from “Poltergeist” proved, dolls + horror = petrifying.

Here’s a “Walking Dead” promo featuring a bug-eyed zombie and our old friend Rick Grimes.

Here’s another intentionally cryptic “American Horror Story” clip featuring the recurring, black-leather clad mystery man (or woman?) who appears in many of the shows promos. This mystery man (or woman) may or may not be the Gimp from “Pulp Fiction.”

And lastly, here’s a clip from “Walking Dead” Season 2 with multiple nasty zombies and a brilliant Boston Herald quote that suggests “Walking Dead” makes “True Blood” look like “iCarly.”

And here’s a longer “Horror Story” tease that promises the series will be both “terrifying” and “sexy.” It also features the strains of both “Tubular Bells” from “The Exorcist” and the “Halloween” theme, which is kind of a double scary-sonic whammy. All I know is that weird leather dude had better leave Tami Taylor alone.

So which show looks more freaky to you?