A weekly analysis of (some of) the gory details in the latest episode of “The Walking Dead.” As always, spoilers ahead.

Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker), master of diplomacy. (Gene Page/AMC)

This week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” raises serious concerns about a number of characters.

I’m worried about Maggie and Glenn, who — and here comes the first of several spoilers — got dragged into Merle’s custody and taken to Woodbury.

I’m worried about Rick, who is getting pretend phone calls from his dead loved ones.

I’m extremely worried about Andrea, who is getting it on with the Governor and has no idea that he keeps zombie heads inside his apartment.

All of these matters and more are addressed in the following series of questions about this week’s episode, “Hounded.”

So Merle turned into a total jerk again this week. What’s up with that?

We always knew Merle was a jerk. But it was so good to see him again — and, at least initially, to witness how decent he was to Andrea when she showed up in Woodbury — that we could kinda sorta overlook the Dixon brother’s flaws. But this week, those flaws (arrogance, ruthlessness, general nastiness) flared up in full force, prompting him to wound Michonne, kill wimpy Neil — I know that guy’s moments were numbered the minute I realized he had the same first name as Frogurt from “Lost” — and rather rudely force Glenn and Maggie to come to Woodbury. Merle didn’t even give Glenn-ggie enough time to pick up their cart filled with infant formula, a cart that Glenn had very carefully filled during his trip to the Zombie Town Mart.

As he told the Governor, Merle intends to figure out exactly where Glenn and his lady have been residing. Surely that’s partly because such information could lead him to Daryl. But I also get the sense that both Merle and the Governor want to minimize the possibility that other non-walker types could be forming their own societies, societies that could threaten the eventual dominance of Woodbury. That’s probably also why Merle lied about killing Michonne. He doesn’t want the Governor to think the Samurai Swordstress is still roaming around out there, potentially forming a community of equally skilled Choppy Choppers who could slice and dice their way through Woodbury faster than you can say Ginsu Knife.

Glenn (Steven Yeun), not exactly happy to see Merle. (Gene Page/AMC)

Speaking of the Governor, it is a super-bad idea for Andrea to sleep with him, right?

On one hand, one can understand why she would. I mean, he looks a little like Tony Hadley, the lead singer form Spandau Ballet, who was a pretty handsome lad in the ‘80s. And Andrea hasn’t gotten laid since she was with Shane, which happened a few months ago. Although, in a zombie-pocalyptic situation, a few months isn’t all that long to go without doing the deed.

So in some ways, it seems a little strange that she’s so willing to hop in the sack with him, especially after Michonne basically told her — in words as well as super-intense, suspicious glances — that the Governor strikes her as a bad guy.

I feel fairly certain that their relationship won’t end well. I especially didn’t care for the way that, after finding out that Michonne was allegedly killed, the Gov went right back to having naked sexy time with Andrea as if nothing was wrong. It’s fishy, I tell you, though not as fishy as the zombie heads he keeps in his aquarium.

The Rick phone call: A necessary way for him to confront his Lori issues or a letdown for viewers?

At the end of last week’s episode, Rick got a random telephone call from an unknown source. In this week’s episode, it initially seemed like the source — or sources — were a man and woman living in a nearby community. But, in keeping with the way this was handled in the comic, the whole thing turned out to be a delusion, a way for Rick to have a conversation with Lori and assuage some of his guilt over her death.

Emotionally, it was necessary for Rick to have that pretend chat with his late wife. Narratively, it also speaks to his extremely fragile state of mind, which could make him vulnerable if/when he finally gets a load of what Woodbury has to offer. But practically, to those viewers who don’t know much about the comic and spent part of this episode trying to determine who might be coming to help the mourning Grimes patriarch, it may have felt like an unfair bait-and-switch.

Was anyone surprised when Daryl found Carol still alive?

Yeah, me neither.

Where the heck did they find such cute footie pajamas for Baby Girl Grimes?

I know that last week Daryl and Maggie picked up some formula, which that ran out so quickly that Glenn and Maggie had to acquire more and wind up as Merle hostages. But did they also snag baby clothes during that previous mission? I don’t remember that happening. So since there is no other logical explanation for her sweet little outfit, I am going to assume someone bought it off the Grimes’s Buy Buy Baby registry and had it sent it to their “Zombie-Infested Prison” address.

Is Michonne the smartest character on “The Walking Dead”?

At the moment, I’m going to say yes. First of all, she managed to create a biter-gram, which is the far more laborious, zombie-pocalyptic version of sending a text message. Seriously, it takes some creativity to use dismembered body parts to write the sentence: “Go Back.” If it’s okay with everyone here, I plan to write the rest of my blog posts from now on by using bits ‘o zombie to convey what I want to say. (Note: when you see a zombie head wearing lots of lip gloss, that means I’m talking about Lindsay Lohan.)

Michonne also somehow found her way to the prison and was wise enough to bring the baby formula so that whoever was there would have to let her in. On top of all that, she kept the walkers at bay in the most effective way possible: by using guts as a deterrent, just as Rick and Glenn did back in season one.

If Michonne ever dies on this show, that means everyone else is done for. If someone as inventive and adept with sharp objects can’t make it in this environment, no one can

Do you have additional questions to raise about this week’s episode? Wondering what’s left on the Grimes’s baby registry? By all means, discuss it in the comments.