Aaron Paul: Emmy nominee and excitable game show contestant. (Michael Buckner/GETTY IMAGES FOR ENTERTAINMENT W)

I’m figuring that some people could use a smile at the end of a day like this one. Which is why I am sharing this video showing a young Aaron Paul — Jesse Pinkman of “Breaking Bad” — during a 14-year-old episode of “The Price is Right.”

It’s been making the rounds on the Internet today after Jay Leno — in what may officially be the smartest thing Jay Leno has ever done — showed clips from the classic game show episode during last night’s “Tonight Show.”

At no point does the Emmy-nominated Paul use the word, “yo.” But he does execute an amazing shimmy down the aisle, in what I am now officially calling the “Pinkman Come on Down Dance”; screamingly insists that Bob Barker is “the man”; and looks as if his entire world has crumbled when he overbids by just $132 in the showcase showdown.

“I look like I am on meth,” he says. He is not exaggerating. And it is delightful.

(Via Grantland)