Amy Poehler to Harvard graduates: “Would it kill you to be nicer to your parents?” (Brian Snyder)

Amy Poehler addressed Harvard University’s 2011 graduates during yesterday’s Class Day ceremony. Contrary to the advice provided by this blog, she did not craft her speech by stringing together quotes from past episodes of “Parks and Recreation” and “Saturday Night Live.”

As she explains, she went another route: “I tried to write today’s speech the way I wrote everything in college: I stayed up all night, typing on a Canon word processor while listening to Sir Mix A Lot.”

Her address was often amusing, peppered with Donald Trump references as well as quotes from Outkast songs and filled with good advice.

Like this: “Would it kill you to be nicer to your parents? They have sacrificed so much for you and all they want is for you to smile and take a picture with your weird cousins. Do that for them. And with less eye-rolling, please.”

Watch the full speech after the jump.