Beyoncé, performing pre-motherhood at last year’s VMAs. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Because Beyoncé is not only a hard worker but also a celebrity who routinely shares selected imagery from her personal life on the Internet, she’s released part one of a behind-the-scenes look at her multi-week preparation for these concerts. As that video shows, her preparation has been serious: She’s been doing aerobics, and sit-ups, and practicing the song “Halo,” and meeting with technical experts to discuss LED screen logistics.

“What I’m trying to say with this show [is], yes, I had a baby but it just made me even more grounded and more like you,” she tells her team in the clip.

Yes, we’re all exactly like Beyoncé, except that we can’t sing or dance like she does, and we’re not married to the best rapper alive, and we didn’t receive $5,200 crystal tubs for our newborn babies. Still, we kind of like the fact that she wants us to think that.

Check out the video below and keep in mind that there are still some (expensive) tickets available to see Beyoncé this weekend if you decide to ditch that backyard barbecue and head to Jersey.

( via Vulture)