Amy Adams: Scientology-curious. (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Adams — who stars in the movie as the wife of a religious leader (Philip Seymour Hoffman) who may share a few things in common with L. Ron Hubbard — said it was not, but acknowledged that there are some parallels between the movement depicted in “The Master” and the real-life movement that would eventually lead to Tom Cruise wearing a turtleneck in this video.

Then Letterman started quizzing Adams about her own experiences with Scientology.

“I’m curious about Scientology. I would like to become a Scientologist,” he said, in what sounded like a joke but could turn out to be real if we suddenly hear Letterman referring to Thetans more regularly on his show.

“I am, too,” Adams said, referring to the curiosity portion of Letterman’s statement.

“Are you?”

“Sure, sure, I’m curious about it,” she said.

“You’re not a Scientologist?” he asked.

“No, sir,” she responded.

“Because often we have many top stars of the day on the program who are Scientologists, but we don’t ever — I’m frightened to ask them about it,” Letterman admitted. Then he wanted to know whether Adams ever discusses the religion with any of her Scientologist colleagues.

Watch the video to see and hear her response — oh, and also to see and hear Letterman refer to Adams’s co-star Joaquin Phoenix as “a bonehead.”