Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry. (David Livingston/GETTY IMAGES)

Berry plays a cash strapped, bikini clad shark expert who is crippled with guilt after a fellow diver is killed. She is then asked by a rich person to help him swim with the giant fish outside of a cage, her speciality, according to the film’s IMDB page. Eventually, she agrees.

“Let’s give him his money’s worth,” Berry declares. Then as soon as the group gets to some place called “shark alley,” things go horribly wrong. I know! Who would have guessed?

You may already be familiar with the film’s name, thanks to the love connection made on the set between Berry and her co-star and now rumored fiance, Olivier Martinez.

The film, directed by John Stockwell (“Blue Crush,” “Into the Blue”) will be released on demand March 8, then hits theater on March 30. Watch the trailer below.