Jon Hamm: capable of spitting killer rhymes about the TV show “Taxi.” (Chris Pizzello/Associated Press)

As Don Draper on “Mad Men,” Jon Hamm doesn’t know much about modern music.

But Jon Hamm, actual guy? He knows hip-hop. Not only does he know it, but he can rap freestyle to the theme song from “Taxi.”

IFC released a clip (see below) of Hamm doing just that alongside Reggie Watts, one of the hosts of the upcoming IFC talk show “Comedy Bang! Bang!” The series doesn’t premiere until June, but that’s fine because we’ll probably be watching nothing but this video of Hamm rattling off the names of “Taxi” cast members — “Louie’s there. Bobby’s there. Elaine — there. Tony Danza — there. Also in attendance: Latka” — from now until that time anyway.

In addition to rapping during this clip, Hamm also does a pretty spot-on impression of the Rev. Jim Ignatowski, as played by Christopher Lloyd. (He didn’t mention Jim’s classic driving test, though, an oversight that we’ll have to let slide.)

All of this raises that eternal question: Is there anything Jon Hamm is incapable of doing? Once again, the universe has responded: No.