Princess Merida follows a Wisp in a scene from the animated feature "Brave.” (Disney/AP)

“Brave” has a bit of an issue on its hands. (If movies had hands, of course.) The new trailer improves upon the first with some narration to explain the plot. But once the narration drops out, the trailer loses focus.

Are the bear cubs her brothers? Why is a war starting? So many questions.

As fellow confused person Marc Snetiker at Entertainment Weekly writes, does not knowing what the heck Merida is doing make us not care about her? I’d say there’s definitely a risk of that.

Still, I have no doubt people will flock to see this movie. It has the Pixar stamp of approval on it, as the trailer so bluntly points out by flashing “From the creators of ‘Wall E,’ ‘Toy Story 3’ and ‘Up’ ” across the screen.

“G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” on the other hand, tells viewers exactly what kind of movie it is. Explosions! The Rock! Fake presidents! Bruce Willis!

Did this very flashy trailer remind anyone else of the similarly flashy one for “Battleship?” I mean, instead of Rihanna saying “Boom” before an explosion, like in the movie based on the Milton Bradley game, there’s some brunet guy who says “Boom” before an explosion in the film based on a Hasbro line of toys. Oh, Hollywood. You like your formulas.

Do you plan on seeing either of these films? Do these trailers whet your appetite? Tell us in the comments.