Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black star in “The Big Year,” a comedy about bird-watching. You’d think this veritable comedic dream team could create something extraordinary. But alas, the trailer appears to be rather typical.

Each man is having a crisis of his own making (Midlife! Aging fears! Old slacker!), so the three bird-watchers go on an ad­ven­ture that turns into a big competition. We know this because of lines delivered by observers to the resulting shenanigans: “They’re men, dear. If they stop competing they die.” Groundbreaking dialogue, I know.

Of course, the trailer is most likely packaged in a way that makes the film appeal to as many ticker-buyers as possible. And it’s hard to imagine how a movie starring so many talented people (Rosamund Pike, Brian Dennehy, Anjelica Huston, the list goes on and on) can go wrong. But then images “Valentine’s Day,” which boasted a cast of Oscar winners and nominees, flashes before my eyes.

Let’s hope for the best.

(Via Vulture)