“Main Street” seems like it should be a good movie. It stars Colin Firth, Patricia Clarkson, Ellen Burstyn, Orlando Bloom and Andrew McCarthy. Three Oscar-winners, a Hollywood hunk and a Brat Packer. All good things.

But based on the trailer, there are also many awful things about this film. The most glaring issue is the Southern accents from Brits Bloom and Firth. Then there’s the plot, a small town in a the midst of a depression, which looks it comes to a completely predictable end.

And worst of all are the early reviews for the film, which already screened in Australia. Andrew Moraitis of Film Ink used the word “silly” to describe the casting and “uninspired” for John Doyle’s direction. I imagine that American critics will have similar things to say when the film is released in September.

(Thanks, Vulture!)