David Beckham with Harper Seven Beckham, who lands roughly in the middle on the baby name weirdness spectrum. (VIA TWITTER)

Past experience and an unnatural fixation with reading celebrity birth announcements suggest that stars tend to give their kids funky names. While regular parents often look to literature or family tradition when choosing a moniker, members of the Hollywood elite seemingly rely on fruits, comic book characters and the names of neighborhood poodles when deciding what to call their offspring.

But is that really true, or is it just a famous-mommy-and-daddy myth?

During the summer 2011 wave of the celebrity baby boom that stretched from May through August, an inordinate number of stars welcomed sons and daughters into the world. So we created a graphic below to evaluate the summer’s 10 highest-profile celebrity newborns on a name weirdness spectrum. The spectrum runs from a totally innocuous name — represented by one crying baby — to slightly unconventional — represented by five crying babies — to destined to invite taunting — 10 crying babies. Surprisingly, only a small number yielded a spike on the strange-o-meter. Even more surprising: The most normal name in this recent celeb baby boom came from the guy who used to be married to Britney Spears.

(Note: due to the timing of the child’s birth, Alyssa Milano’s normally named son Milo was not included in this graphic. Hopefully that does not completely skew the clearly significant results of this highly scientific endeavor.)