Davy Jones, who died this morning of a heart attack at the reported age of 66, was best known for making music and starring in his own TV show, “The Monkees .”

Jones, circa 1970. (George Brich/AP)

What happened after that, arguably, may have set a precedent for the modern approach to celebrity worship, one in which the average citizen thinks it’s entirely possible to score a date with a famous person simply by making a charming YouTube video.


Davy Jones has died

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Here’s the moment from the episode in which we get to hear Jones perform the song “Girl” in its entirety, Marcia bursts into the recording studio unannounced and Jones’s manager tells her to scram. (“Kids,” he says, shaking his pageboy haircut in disgust.) You can totally tell from the look on Jones’s face that he is going to change his mind and save the day for Marcia. Because that’s what pop stars do! All of them! Even in present times!

Here’s the part where Jones shows up unannounced at the Brady residence; apologizes to Marcia; finds out her prom is Friday, a night on which a very famous pop star has absolutely no plans whatsoever; and agrees not only to perform but to go as Marcia’s date. It is, without question, the dreamiest thing that ever happened to Marcia, at least until hottie Doug Simpson asked her out in season four.

And just to bring this whole thing full circle, here’s a mediocre-quality clip of Jones performing “Girl” at Marcia’s dance more than 20 years later, in “The Brady Bunch Movie.” Getting the celebrity crush of your dreams to become part of your reality ... it really is timeless.