Could this man be Dick Cheney? (MIKE BLAKE/REUTERS)

According to a report on, the network is moving forward with a miniseries based on the book “Angler : The Cheney Vice-Presidency” — written by former Washington Post reporter Barton Gellman — and the PBS Frontline documentary “The Dark Side.”

Naturally, this raises an important question: will anyone want to watch this?

Also, another important question: who should play Dick Cheney? Here are five suggestions, bearing in mind that Lionel Barrymore passed away in 1954 and is therefore unavailable.

Option One: James Cromwell He’s around the same age as Cheney. He’s a fine actor. And he’s got some experience with Bush administrations, having played George H.W. Bush in the movie “W.”

Willem Dafoe, potential Dick Cheney? (Jason DeCrow/AP)

Option Three: Al Pacino — This being an HBO miniseries, I believe there is some sort of contractual obligation that requires Pacino to be in it. Added bonus: he’d undoubtedly be intense and earn an Emmy nomination as a result. Plus, with a decent make-up job, the resemblance could be more striking than you might think.

Option Four: Robert Duvall — Another phenomenal actor with “The Godfather” on his resume and an even more potentially striking resembleance to our former VP. He’s 10 years older than Cheney, but so what? Duvall has the chops to make us think he’s technically a little younger yet just as cranky as a person twice his age.

Option Five: Jeff Bridges — OK, I know this sounds crazy. (The Dude as Dick Cheney?! ) But how intruiging would it be to see Bridges playing someone so different from the super-laidback, affable persona we all know and love? And if you take away the beard (pictured above), there’s enough physical similarity to make it work.

So who would you like to see as Cheney? One of these guys or someone else? Post a comment and weigh in on this significant politics-meets-pop-culture event.