Whoopi Goldberg. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

The ladies of “The View” debated the content of Morgan’s June 3 Nashville comedy show on Monday, with Barbara Walters not buying the “I’m a comedian” defense. Joy Behar, who is a working comedian, didn’t try to excuse Morgan’s comments but did say he shouldn’t have taken on an “un-powerful” group.

Goldberg spoke up to defend Morgan’s right as a comedian to “step in it.” (Watch video of the debate after the jump.)

“There have been times when I have done material that I seconded in my head, and then thought, ‘You know what, that didn’t work as well as I thought it would.’ And that’s one of the things that comics do,” she said. “And sometimes we step in it. Sometimes we step in it and it’s bad, and this is one of those times ... when a comic has gone over the line and realized it. Not just because people told him, but because he realized it. It’s what happens with us.”

Sherri Shepherd, who works with Morgan on “30 Rock,” pointed out that he’s not just a comedian but a working actor who represents the entire cast and show. Indeed, his “30 Rock” co-stars Tina Fey and Cheyenne Jackson both condemned his statements, with Alec Baldwin simply tweeting, “Oh that Tracy.”

Goldberg loudly finished the conversation: “He made a mistake! There but for the grace of God go all of us! We’ve all stepped in it. We’ve all had to make those apologies.”